I for Invitation

On September 4th, Nils and I invited our friends and family to celebrate our winter marriage at a summer wedding party. It was a beautiful, humbling, joyful, relaxed and just really fun night. And I didn’t have a clue how to write about it.

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Until I came across Cathy Zielske’s concept of her album and workshop “Me: the Abridged Version” and decided that her approach of “focusing on specific but wholly unrelated random details from your own extraordinary life” might be just the right point to start. Such a great description, don’t you think? So here goes I – for Invitation.

E wie Einladung

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – zwei Karten

A vague idea of a combined folding card and map forming its own envelope turned into an invitation design that surprised myself. Which makes me happy. And made the concept work, composing (is this even the right word? As in, doing the typographic stuff?), tracing, layouting, sample printing, real printing, folding and creasing, cutting, rounding corners, assembling and labeling fun. Even my clinch with the postal service due to my ignorance of their 1:1.4 proportion rule for normal postage was solved (after some back and forth and even a few surcharges payed by our guests, whoops). Apart from that we took our tried and tested route for paper goods, the short version being this – Nils writes the texts and offers up ideas, I work on the design and resign his seemingly absurd suggestions, but often adapt them along the way after all. In the end, it’s not fully by me, nor fully by him, but absolutely ours.

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – Schneidestation

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – im Druck

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – Eckenrunder

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – Lageplan, Karte und Bastelinchen

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – aufgefaltetes Set

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – offener Umschlag

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – geschlossener Umschlag

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – zugeklebter Umschlag

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – Umschlagdetails

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – Adressdetails

materials used

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – zwei Karten mit Umschlag

Head over to flickr for even more photos.