The Friday Project

Three weeks ago, Nils and Max started a baby swim course, and for the first time in 9 months, I find myself with a regular afternoon of alone time at home. What to do with two glorious hours for ten weeks in a row? Tackle the Friday Project, of course!

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When combining the urge to create with my hands / the need for creative play / the wish to start an Etsy shop / the desire to turn an idea into reality, I came up with this:

10 weeks time to

So here goes week 1 + 2 + part of week 3, too:

The things I do

Instead of fantasizing about could-be-interesting product ideas that never lead to any action (as I have done in the past), I compiled a list of crafty things I have actually created during the last 1.5 years or so as a starting point for realistic, authentic product ideas. Here it is, together with a couple of photos I had already taken, notes on materials and other things I want to remember:

The Friday Project

celebration tag book - inside

celebration tag books as modular guest books for wishes, memories, anecdotes (stamped or printed paper tags + ring) {GREAT feedback. People asked me where they could buy this + asked if they could copy the idea. Sure!}

Glück & Leben cantucci tags

Glück & Leben (luck & life) cantucci jars for weddings + birthdays (glass jars + tags + handwriting + cookies) {GREAT feedback. We even received this as a gift in return on our own wedding.}

designbakery bag + packaging

paper favor bags + stamped label

paper bags + handwriting

designbakery + other paper bags (screenprinting + labels + handwriting + tape) {GREAT feedback, especially the designbakery bags.}

care package + address label

gift parcels (address labels + packaging)

altered postcard - back

altered postcards (old cards + handwriting + stamps + bits) {LOVE writing + sending letters and cards.}

addressed envelope

Einladung Sommerhochzeitsfest – adressierter Umschlag

addressed envelopes (handwriting + stamps + tape) {writing addresses = FUN.}

soother clip + flag tag

soother clips + baby scarf (fabric + labels)

summer wedding party paper suite

(top + bottom left photo: Sandra Schade Fotografie)

summer wedding party paper suite invitation + envelopes, escort cards, menu + table number cards, place cards, recipe cards + favor bags, thank you cards (typography + handwriting + stamping + stamps + tape) {This was a BIG paper project but extremely rewarding. Would absolutely love to work on suites for other celebrations!}

birth announcements

birth announcements (photo + handwriting + professionaly printed)

pretty little cards for loved ones / with quotes (paper + stamping + handwriting)

Love-You-Post-Its (handwriting) {just had to include these :) }

Some observations: Most of these items were presents – seems it is easier for me to craft for others than for myself (at least paper crafts, that is). Most of these items were pretty small, a label here, a bit of tape there – I love details. Half of these items didn’t get a lot of thought and time – I get caught up on thoughts, so the big ideas often just don’t happen. Most of these items feel quite natural and a bit “normal” to me – they are my finger exercises.

Note to self: This is what I do – so I should simply stick to one or two of these listed items for an easy start. Things can always evolve, if I want to continue down this track. Don’t make this complicated, Johanna – just make it happen.

(The course actually started 6 weeks ago, but Nils + Max + I missed out on our Friday activities 3 times out of these 6 due to various colds and field trips. Lucky enough, the boys (and I!) can catch up for it next term.)