An un-update of Project life

I first started thinking about Project Life in 2010. Actually I could just stop right after this first sentence, and the story would have already been told – or I could sum it up with this second title all on its own: “Thinking about Project Life”.

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  • telling my story

Thinking being the key word here. But thinking is not what this project is about: it is about creating. Project Life is a concept and product created by Becky Higgins to simply document your life – using divided page protectors to hold journaling cards, photos and those little bits and pieces of everyday life you want to keep and remember. Sounds easy, right?

So this is what happens: Discovering it via a blog I read. Loving the concept of collecting and storing little bits to tell my story. Pondering wether to jump in or not. Wanting to try it out. Agonizing about the shipping cost to Germany. Starting to collect little snippets anyway. Talking myself out of ordering the kit. Deciding to whip up the basics myself. Starting to let things slip and not preparing anything to make things easier. Continue collecting and writing down stories for a while anyway. Not choosing photos. Hence not printing or ordering any. And then, ten months later: Sorting through a big stack of what feels like junk, throwing away lots of memories-turned-meaningless packaging snippets, pulling together three random pages of notes and clippings. Still no photos. Deciding to do it “right” this time around. Seeing all these perfect examples of neat title pages and up-to-date week spreads on my favorite blogs. Thinking I can do this, too. (I am a designer! I love paper! I have a life!) Feeling giddy to make it happen this time around. Agonizing about not being able to order the page protectors from yet. (Laughing about their perfect name, “Type A”.) Deciding to whip up the basics myself. Letting it slip. You get the idea.

Right now on my desk: two American Crafts page protectors standing in for the “real thing”, a stack of upcycled journaling cards, some with rounded corners, some still waiting to be punched, three cards bearing content, at least a handfull of “things I want to include” that still have to be cut down, the beginning of what might or might not turn into an opening page, random pieces of paper and the feeling that this, again, will probably not turn into anything I had in mind, although I think I love this project. I really do.

This can’t only be me. Any other un-updates out there?