Becoming a knitter

A post on designsponge reminded me of being a knitter today. I started knitting in 2006 and have since spent many fall, winter and spring evenings as well as four months of train and bus commute during an internship in 2008 knitting away on scarves, hats, wristwarmers and even a pullover or two. But not this past winter. Or fall. Or spring, come to think of it.

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The knitting bug left me late 2009 or early 2010, in the midst of finishing up a grey cardigan modeled after a knit by Brooklyn Tweed (one of the few men designing patterns for other men out there) for Nils. Around the time I was figuring out the right size for a bolero for my sister, and the urge and joy to knit slowly slipped through my fingers. Maybe it was diving into work life after university that left so little head space for other things. Or maybe I just needed a really long pause to rediscover this craft. During the last few weeks, I sewed in the missing cardigan zipper and have at least considered the next step to finish that bolero jacket, but have yet to actually pick up a knitting needle again. My local yarn store, Stil Blüte Handarbeit & Co. (I still really like that site we created, Nils!) is hosting a knitting party next Tuesday and I said I’d attend. Who knows? This might be just the right time to become a knitter again.

The cape pictured above is the knitted item I have by far worn the most. I didn’t expect it to be, but I wear it nearly every day working away in front of the screen. Photo taken early 2009.